metanymous (metanymous) wrote,

DECIPHER Your Dreams, DECIPHER Your Life

Decoding the Mysteries of Symbolism
By Tianna Galgano
I work as a psychologist and teacher with students in Novosibirsk University, Russia, and with children of all ages. We read your article in "Anchor Point" in Jan. '91. Since that time we have been using DREAM DECIPHER frequently with different people and different issues. We found that it is very powerful and useful. Our patients also enjoy it because they are empowered by working with their own dreams, and learn to trust and respect them. We discovered that people who use DREAM DECIPHER usually have more interesting, significant and important experiences in their dreams. They say this is a very good and enjoyable way for self-development and internal integration.
Anatoly Tkachev, Psychologist-Consultant
Psychological Center of the Experimental School "DIALOG"
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