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Wow! I have just returned from co-training with Andy Austin in the Advanced Mastery Training sponsored by Tools For Transforming. I would have gladly given up my training days to Andy so that I could have learned even more (and I can’t recall saying something like that before—ever.)
When I edited Andy’s extraordinary book, The Rainbow Machine, I kept thinking, “How on earth did he know that would work?” Now I know at least some of the answers to that question.

The five patterns of chronicity make it easy to recognize when clients are much more committed to maintaining the status quo than they are to changing. Ways of countering these patterns directly saves a lot of frustration and wasted effort.

Metaphors of Movement is a very effective—and easily learned—development of one aspect of “Clean Language” that provides a way of getting people “unstuck” with a multitude of problems—particularly useful with clients with very little access to their internal experience, such as seriously depressed clients.

We will be producing DVDs of these and other sections of the Advanced Mastery Training very soon–to make them available to those of you who couldn’t be there.

Andy’s IEMT is a stripped down and effective adaptation of Connirae Andreas’ Eye Movement Integration process, with Andy’s unique framing. Andy will be teaching this in a weekend training in NYC September 12-13 (See below) If you are anywhere near NY, this is a great opportunity to learn new methods, as well as new ways of thinking about the ones you already know.

~Steve Andreas
A weekend with ANDREW T. AUSTIN:
Integral Eye Movement Technique - Practitioner Training

Integral Eye Movement Technique is a brief change work process that generates rapid change in the area of undesired emotional and identity imprints. The treatment process and algorithms of the technique answer the question, “How did the client learn to feel this way, about that thing?” and applies specific change at the right place within the client’s model of the world. By building resources inside the problem state, IEMT brings the client more into the present and enables the client to stay out of past negative experiences permanently.

Part 1. Emotional Engineering – Depotentiating Imprints of Emotion with IEMT
Part 2. Identity Reimprinting – Updating Our Way of Being with IEMT

Sept. 12, 13, 2009
10AM - 6 PM
TRS Professional Suites, New York City, NY
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